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LinkedIn To Grow in 2024?📈

Is your business & founders using LinkedIn in 2024?

LinkedIn Growth

Here are a couple of updates I’ve noticed⤵️

1️⃣ More Personalisation 

Yesterday, I was scrolling through LinkedIn and was met by a series of recommended events + people to follow (see carousel below).

This was in the feed and not in the Connections/Search tab of the app. 

LinkedIn recently spoke about AI-powered features they were bringing into the LinkedIn Learning part of the platform. 

This personalisation may become a bigger feature of the LinkedIn experience. 

🔹How does this impact you?

You will start seeing more relevant content based on your career area / skills / interests 

🔸How can you benefit from this?

Ensure your profile is updated and relevant to your current job / skillset / industry 

This will help connect you with others who share similar interests!

2️⃣ Short Form Video Feed

When you think about Short Form Video, chances are you think about TikTok, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts 🎬

What would you think about a dedicated short form video feed within LinkedIn?

This may be coming to the app in 2024.

In their product update in December 2023, their director of product announced they would be including “Short, engaging videos in an immersive personalized feed” for LinkedIn Learning (Raines, 2023)

They continued to say that based on the data and feedback from its introduction in LinkedIn Learning, they would be testing it in the actual LinkedIn app 📲

This could provide a new opportunity for Founders / Creators/ Businesses to grow on the app!

If your team isn’t already thinking about their LinkedIn strategy, it’s probably a good time to start 📈

What do you think about having more short form videos on LinkedIn? 


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