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B2B Content Marketing Funnel in 2024

Have you used a Content or Social Media Marketing Funnel? 

If the answer is no, my next points may be of interest!

Content Marketing

Funnels have existed in marketing for decades and essentially it’s a customer's journey with your business.

Starting from not knowing anything about your business to being a customer and retaining them as a loyal customer! 

So how do we apply this to our Content & Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Using a funnel approach can be useful when creating content as it helps you understand the different stages of your customer's journey.

They will require different content depending on what stage of that journey they are at. 

For example, someone who has just found out about your business for the first time, usually won’t be ready to purchase and therefore doesn’t require your price comparisons and features document just yet. 

Audience Content Marketing

Funnels can become complex and involve many stages, when starting it’s important to make it simple and actionable!

Take for instance this funnel approach:

  • Top of Funnel Content

  • Middle of Funnel Content 

  • Bottom of Funnel Content 

This is one of the most popular approaches and can be applied to your Content & Social Media Marketing.

Over the coming weeks, I will share some insights about this funnel approach and its stages

(Note: This is general information and each business requires specific content depending on their industry/target audience) 


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