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Article Feature; "Agency Burnout: Insights from 40 Agency Owners"

Our Founder, Jack Regan, was delighted to contribute to a brilliant piece by Teamwork. The article interviewed 40 agency owners from around the world. The agencies ranged from various types such as Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing.

The topic was based on "Agency Burnout". Jack gave his perspective on burnout within the social media marketing industry, mentioning

"I think social media has a burnout rate that is high. Many social media managers are always online and have a direct connection to metrics such as likes, views etc. When content isn’t performing well, they feel that they are also not doing well. The fast paced environment of social means they are always online.” - Jack Regan, Trend 7 Media

To read the insights from the 40 agency owners, visit the article here.

Thanks for the opportunity for Trend 7 Media to participate along with the 39 global agency owners and provide our insights.


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